What Are The Most Beautiful Pair of Tattoos?

When two people love each other are convinced that nothing and nobody will ever put an end to their story. Impelled by this conviction even go so far as to decide both on the skin to tattoo a symbol that best represents their history and, as it will last Always.

I personally do not approve of such choices because I think that even if a romance is very important in a given period of our lives, may not be true in the future not too far away. I do not believe further that these gestures do blatant particularly well to the couple because two people in love do not really need to prove anything to others and no doubt the tattoo, however, shows a typical exhibitionist attitude.

In the tattoo shop in my town are exposed to showcase some of these tattoos’ torque “, a sign that the tattoo artists have found that are very fashionable these days, and some of them I found them very nice. For example, you can either ring a tribal tattoo on his ring finger, strictly right, or another Classic is the half heart with the word “divided, but always together.”

The first tattoo has a lower cost, probably because the tribal or Oni Mask tattoo style does not require other colors than black and is relatively small and simple to perform, while the second has a higher cost because besides being larger than the former is richer in detail and written, and therefore requires greater professionalism on the part of the tattoo artist.

oni mask pair tattoo

oni mask pair tattoo

Informing the tattoo artist in my city, for the prices of these two tattoos in particular, I was quoted 60 Euros per couple for the first tattoo and 150 Euros for the second, with half a heart.

From personal experience I can recommend to get this type of tattoo, “torque” only if it has a really solid relationship with your companion, perhaps after years of cohabitation or marriage or even better after the birth of a son who will inevitably unites for life. Take advantage of this type of tattoo is surely to increase its security to the fellow. For many, this is a true test of love and in this way provides for a bond always so important. The disadvantage is primarily the economic one, because the tattoos do not cost very mica!

Also runs the risk of regret because of the reckless gesture once the romance is over, and unfortunately there is a risk, that tattoo you always remember a person we just want to forget. Council therefore always think very carefully before you make such a step, but once that it was decided not to do it never regret it!

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