Ideas For Using Coins In Home Decor

Having a beautifully decorated home today can present more of a challenge than ever in an economy that is struggling financially. Instead of feeling the pressure to spend money on items that are out of your budget range to make your house look unique, try using money in a different way to get the same effect. You can actually use money, better yet coins, to create a beautiful accent piece and improve the decor of your home.

One of the items that coins are commonly used to create is a coin vase or a coin container.

For example, you can take a stash of old pennies and hot glue them to an old glass vase or any other container that you already have inside of your home. Glue the pennies or the other coins of your choice to the exterior of the vase or container until it is completely covered to create a new and interesting piece of artwork for your home. These coin vases and containers can be used to hold flowers or used as a centerpiece at the dining room table. Wherever you place the coin container that you create, it is sure to draw attention and become a conversation piece in your home.

Another item that can be revamped by using coins is a picture frame.

Say for example that you have a room in your home that has had the same pictures in the same picture frames for a number of years. Instead of going out and paying for a new picture and a new picture frame to replace it, try incorporating pennies into the frame that you already have. You can completely cover a plain wooden or a metal frame with nickels to create a unique silver frame that will change the overall look of a picture that you already have. Try using pennies if you are covering a dark wooden frame to give it a similar appearance in color but with a new and improved distinctive frame design.

If you are someone that is really into modernizing your home through unique and interesting furniture pieces, then you may want to look into purchasing or creating a coin chair or a coin table.

There are several companies that sell these types of furniture pieces completely covered in pennies or nickels if you are interested in really spicing up your home décor. You can always attempt to create these pieces on your own with an old piece of furniture and a few dollars worth of coins.

Using coins to individualize the décor in your home is a fun and interesting way to change something that you already have into something that appears new. These pieces are sure to be conversations starters and draw attention to a unique sense of style. In a market that lends itself to tight budgets and less money available to spend on frivolous items, creating your own new piece of artwork through the use of coins can revitalize the way that your home feels.

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